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A Center for Function and Creativity

Admin Site:

210 La Veta Drive

Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone: 505-200-2074

Fax: 505-200-2484

Community Integration Services

DD Waiver

Customized Community Supports Individual

Mi Via Community Integration Individual

CFC provides community based services in the Albuquerque metro area.  Individuals work with CFC staff to create a monthly schedule based on their interests and life goals.  The activities planned can include hobbies, recreation, clubs, groups, classes, meet ups, and special events.  CFC staff can use daily activities scheduled to focus on developing functional skills meaningful to the individuals we serve. Our services are tailored to meet each person's individual and unique learning style and personal preferences. Each experience is different and can be tailored to meet the individuals needs. 

Community Integrated

Employment Services


DD Waiver

Community Integrated Individual Employment

Mi Via Community Employment 

Job Coaching

Job Development

Our administrative offices, located in Albuquerque Northeast Heights contiguous to our Eubank center, serve as the hub of our Community Integrated Employment Services. Our job development program strives to identify each individual's strengths and abilities so they can be utilized to acquire desired employment. The job developer assists the individual in the process of building a job development plan, resume, locating relevant employment opportunities, interviewing skills, soft skills, and filling out and submitting applications. Upon procuring employment, the job developer works with the employment team to assign an suitable job coach, trained by the individual's therapists to aid the individual with their specific vocational needs. Job coaches provide personalized one-on-one supports needed and/or requested until the employee learns the job skills required to do the job with little or no support. 


DD Waiver and Mi Via

Occupational Therapy/COTA Services

Speech-Language Therapy

Behavioral Consultant Services

Physical Therapy

CFC provides contracted professional therapy services through the DD Waiver and Mi Via.