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A Center for Function and Creativity

Admin Site:

210 La Veta Drive

Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone: 505-200-2074

Fax: 505-200-2484

Thank you for exploring the possibility of employment with CFC. We hire caring, dedicated and motivated individuals to support our mission of enriching the lives of developmentally disabled individuals through community integration and supported employment. Please take a moment to review our Core Values below. If these values match yours, please fill out the employment application provided at the link below. You may submit your application in person at any of our locations listed on our Contact page. For current openings, you may contact our administration office at the telephone number listed above. 


Core values should be integrated into what you do every day while supporting our individuals to achieve their highest levels of self-sufficiency. These values should guide your day-to-day work at each of our centers and out in the community.

Person-Centered: The staff should be motivated not by personal agendas but rather by motivation to teach and support individuals in hobbies and interests the individuals choose. Every activity will have a purpose behind it, and all individuals are encouraged to participate in their own ways with the least restrictive approach needed for each individual person.

Love: We want to love what the individuals we serve love to do every day. Our principal goal is to provide a fun and positive working environment filled with people who emulate those qualities. Staff members are expected to show respect for one another, thereby role modeling to each client’s behavior and to the respectful treatment we believe everyone deserves. 

Assistance: Staff needs to remember that we are here to assist the individuals we serve, and that there is a reason the individuals we serve need us. The persons we serve need help in performing tasks. They want to learn the tools they need, and sometimes that comes slowly. Staff is encouraged to remember that we are teaching people to be more independent and that our ultimate goal is to succeed to the point that we are not needed so much!

Training: In order to serve each person individually, the staff needs to be qualified to provide that individualized service. It is impossible to know everything. All staff members are encouraged to take every opportunity to learn as much as they can from every applicable situation and training. The staff is also encouraged to use the skills and knowledge that they have developed to train other individuals so that those individuals may provide quality services as well.

Input: The staff must provide positive and constructive input to service recipients, stakeholders, and co-workers. All input is valued regardless of position description. You are a valued member of our working team! Your ideas and suggestions could be the needed solution to any given problem. Do not be afraid to voice your opinions, always taking into account the respect and dignity of others.

Novel: Our goal is to be a cutting edge program, meeting a wide variety of needs and schedules. All novel ideas are welcome and should be examined and then put into motion quickly and efficiently. As a company, we should never stagnant and should always strive to stand out as the best service provider with new and fresh approaches.

Understanding: Dignity and respect should be at the forefront of everything that we do. Everyone who comes through our doors is a potential referral source and, therefore, their concerns are our concerns. We should demonstrate excellent customer service regardless of the attitudes of others that may have a complaint. If a person seems unyielding or unreasonable, try to use understanding and compassion and know that we are all working toward the same positive end.

Meaningful: All the individuals that we serve will have a meaningful day in that we will provide activities that work on developing real skills in a functional and creative way. Those skills will in turn be put into work in the community. All community activities will serve a meaningful purpose. All individuals will be exposed to vocational skills training in real-life job settings and encouraged to seek outside employment in the community. Our role in this endeavor is to work on skills that will benefit and lead to this future role for those individuals who are interested in employment.

CFC is an equal opportunity employer committed to principles of diversity, inclusion and affirmative action. We act affirmatively to recruit and to hire persons with disabilities, veterans, and members of traditionally under-represented minority groups. No applicant for employment with CFC shall be subjected to discrimination because of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability, age, reprisal for engaging in anti-discrimination activities, protected genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, parental status or on the basis of any other protected classification.

Community Integration Specialist 1:1

Employment Specialist

Please click the link above for job postings. If you would like to print an application, click the link below. 

Employment Application